Welcome To My World

Have you ever gone into a recording studio with not enough hours to record too many songs? It’s a long day, but at the end of it you’ve recorded and mixed all of the tracks, you are tired but it feels good. On the journey home the final CD sounds great in the car and you can’t wait to play to friends and family. Ever done that? Me too. But then I played the CD fresh the next day and I started to hear things I wish I could change, and the more I played the CD the more I could hear. Ever done that? Me too. Well then, now you have 3 options: 1. You can just live it and learn to preempt each play with phrases like “well, if we had more time…”, “just be aware we did all this in a day…” or “we don’t actually play it like that live…”. 2. You could return to the studio you recorded in to remix/re-record. That’s going to cost. 3. Or you could contact me. Let’s talk…
Please note that as much as I would like to, I am unable to record an entire band. My facility is for post production mixing and mastering and and is not suitable for recording large numbers.