Tick Tock Tick

A band that played truly original music and lived (and ultimately died) by each members’ alter ego. Yep, bizarre I admit, but musically it worked. This CD is an eclectic mix of music that covers the spectrum of where the band was at the time. Many more songs were written, and a second CD was well on the way, but sadly it was never recorded after an all-too-soon but inevitable split. This is one of my biggest regrets as the newer music was sounding very good. Move on but learn from it. The band played many live shows with an equal eye on quality music and theatre that would leave the audience with a taste of Marmite. No bad thing, as any reaction is better than none.

Hormone Overload

1. Time 2. Ride 3. Human Nature 4. City 5. Stars 6. Bad Girl 7. Street Cafe 8. Monday 9. Hormone Overload

Joanna Woolerton

Vocals, samples

Brian Deeley

Electric guitars, Bass guitars, keyboards, samples

Phil Jones


Dave Lewis

Drums Recorded at the Doghouse between January 2003 to June 2003. Mixed & mastered by leaglebeagle at The Doghouse 2003
All tracks written, arranged & recorded by Woolerton and Deeley Copyright remains with the artists.