Third Law

Hailing from Luton, this was a band that dared to be different. Writing tight, catchy original songs (even with a nod to prog rock) with lyrics that are not afraid to deal with big issues. Founding members Paul Curry and Dave Cowler put together this iteration of the band that had decent success in the Luton circuit live scene. Always a popular band with the crowds and destined to be a hit live. Sadly this demo only captures 6 of the songs of this lineup (although some bootleg audio and video do exist). This is one of those CDs I don’t play for a while but when I do I am still immensely proud of what we did and how full of life and energy the disc sounds.

Artists And Soldiers

1. This Is Life 2. I’ll Be There 3. Me In You 4. Running 5. Voices 6. Someone Else’s Real
All music and lyrics by Paul Curry except music for Voices written by Brian Deeley Copyright remains with the artists.