This was a real change for me - a bass player in a blues covers + originals band. No pressure, no songwriting, just playing and just what I needed at this time. John and Glen are just the nicest guys you will ever meet and very talented as well. We played literally 100s of gigs 2000 to 2001 all over the Midlands. Hard work, but great fun and that money felt really good!

Demo CD

1. Yer Blues 2. Hairy Spider Song 3. Another Piece Of My Heart 4. Make Love To You 5. You Take Manhattan 6. Another Piece Of My Heart

John Warlosz

Vocals, guitar

Brian Deeley

Bass Glen Clarke Drums Recorded in Benson, Oxon March 2000. Mixed & mastered by leaglebeagle at The Doghouse 2000
All tracks written, arranged & recorded by Original artists except tracks 2 and 4 by Warlosz Copyright remains with the artists.