The Man Upstairs

This should have been the second album by Thre3 but the band had split  just as all the ideas for the music were still on the table. So that was that, Thre3 all done. Until… One day while going through all my music scraps I found the original clips. Being “in-between bands” at the time, I decided to try to piece together all the bits and make an album. As a consequence, most of the songs here have never actually been played in full, so what you hear is what I think we would have played. In terms of production, I was learning my craft and it’s a bit reverb friendly. This is due to my inexperience but also to hide some musical deficiencies - I wanted to keep all the playing content original where possible so had to hide some “jazz notes”.. It is this CD that kick started where I am today as it quickly became very apparent the power of software and modern production techniques. So years later, yes, it sounds a bit ropey, but I can’t help but love it.

Welcome To My World

1. Intro 2. Welcome To My World 3. Every Mistake 4. Why 5. Human Kind 6. Pain In My Head 7. A Million Words 8. I Only Hope 9. Love Or Hate 10. Don’t 11. We’re All The Same

Fil Jones

Vocals, bass guitar

Brian Deeley

Electric guitars, keyboards, Bass, Drums Recorded at the Doghouse between September 2005 to March 2006. Mixed & mastered by leaglebeagle at The Doghouse 2006
All tracks written, arranged & recorded by Jones and Deeley Copyright remains with the artists.