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Well it’s been nearly 2 years in the making but the release of a new CD collaboration with the wonderfully talented Mechkov is finally ready. The word “eclectic” is an overused word these days but this collection of songs really is just that. We have rock songs to new wave, new age to ballads. There is blood sweat and tears (not a bad name for band is that…) and good honest hard graft gone into this, and it is something we are both very proud of. Fancy a listen? Click on the song links on the track listing on the right. You only get the whole songs, no silly 30 second clips here. Please drop me an email and let me know what you think? Maybe even have your own copy? What are you waiting for? Choose your format below: Make sure you check out www.mechkov.co.uk to see what the man is all about. All tracks written, arranged & recorded by Mechkov & Beagle. Copyright remains with the artists.

Postcards Of Winter

1. Mr New Horizons 2. I Cannot Say I Love You 3. Frayed At The Edges 4. Talk Of The Moon 5. Demons 6. Break Out 7. Hey! Annie!* 8. Kaleidoscope 9. The Devil Takes The Morning 10. Girls And Boys 11. Forecast 12. Pain In My Head 13. The Ballad Of Mr Toad


Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass


Electric guitars, keyboards, drums

*Peter Ripper

Sax on Hey! Annie! Recorded at Fusion Studio  & The Doghouse between September 2016 to November 2017. Mixed & mastered by leaglebeagle at The Doghouse 2017.
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