2018 - Mechkov: Postcards Of Winter This is the latest collaboration with the wonderfully talented Mechkov. 2014 - The MKGs: Demo CD A Booker T and mod instrumental band with some cracking musicians. 2011 - The What Now: Demo CD Rock/pop covers band. 2007 - Third Law: Artists And Soldiers Original music with a massive sound and something to say. 2005 - The Man Upstairs: Welcome To My World The second Thre3 album that never was… 2003 - Thre3: Stares At The Grey A CD recorded with a band I started a few years back. Set the tone in guitar style and big soundscape production. 2003 - Tick Tock Tick: Hormone Overload Original music band that dared to be different on and off stage. 2000 - Snakebyte - Demo CD A blues band I played bass in. 1985 - The Flashhouse: Rehearsal Recording of a full rehearsal at Keele University


Click the links below to browse some pages showing my older work. This is a mixture of bands, collaborations and solo material. Sadly the material in the gaps has been lost as it was recorded on portastudios and within studios themselves. This is such a shame (IMO) as those years were quite productive. . Anyway, go and click away, have a laugh maybe…if you are brave enough. And who is that guitar player with the hair?